Sunday, May 11, 2014

First engine maintenance mode!

Upon powering up the Volt on Friday I got a message on the main display asking me if the Volt can run the engine for 10 minutes or so. I tapped "Yes" and the engine instantly started. I decided to let it run while driving. On the DIC, the Volt displays the percent complete. My EMM ran for about 6 minutes or so. I thought the engine was a little loud initially but when driving I didn't notice it and especially didn't notice when EMM was done. At the end of my drive to work, it said it used 0.72 litres orf gas ($1.10 worth). Not too bad! I just read on that you burn even less gas if you let EMM run while in Park. I will try that next time for sure. But that will be in 6 weeks since I have never come close to running out of battery.

I learned a couple of new things this week. When you load up the climate screen, you can go back to the radio by hitting the "back" button on the console. I initially thought I had to hit "Home" then re-select the source! Also, on my DIC (driver information center) I always had the display for instantaneous kW usage. If you hit the "back" button beside the DIC selector dial then it will close the display. This makes the DIC a lot less busier.

Range-wise, I am pretty sure I can hit over 70km on a charge. If the kW usage is accurate, then I managed 27.8km on 4kW. This results in 70km if I use up all 10.2 (or10.3) kW. The range estimate is still adjusting to me as it showed 59km total range, but then after driving 20 km it showed 49km left!

I love my L2 charger! Everytime I go to my parents' house even for just 30 minues, I will get a nice jump in range. Once chargers are installed in malls, restaurants etc. it will make EVs infinitely more practical!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

EVLink L2 charger installed!

Valko Electrique did an absolutely flawless job with the installation! My father was there and he had nothing but praise for Mathieu who did the installation! The quality of the installation from the custom bent tubing, to the 8 AWG cabling is better than I could have ever asked for. Thanks again to members for recommending Valko! Worth every penny (1/2 the price of another installer's quote). Here are some pics of the Schneider Electric EV230WSR charging station on the wall, and of the Volt plugged in!

Both the covered car and the red Corvette in the background are 1971 Stingrays that my brother, father and I restored over the last 14+ years. The Volt is the polar opposite of those cars!

Installing Schneider Electric EV230WSR today!

The installer should be arriving any moment now to install my Schneider Electric EV230WSR today! It will be installed at my parents' house since I am renting. After asking on the Forums for an installer, I decided to go with Valko Electrique Inc. Can't wait to see the Volt plugged in!